Who doesn’t love a beso? DOPEMADE’s chocolate besos (or kisses) are the next heavy hitter in our arsenal. Using internationally sourced chocolate, our besos are one of a kind. Adorned in a custom foil (blue for THC, green for psilocybin), and topped off with a DOPEMADE plume. Just look for the crown.

Innovative, world-class, and unconventional, no one does it like DOPEMADE. Our milk chocolates are individually handcrafted and hand-wrapped for an experience that is truly on another level. Get lost in the decadent flavor. Thanks to our team infusion experts, our chocolates take the guesswork and uncertainty out of the edible and psychedelic experience, and consistently deliver a consistent dosage and mouthwatering flavor.

Besos are available in two variants:
3 grams of psilocybin mushrooms per pack. Try one for a microdose, or the whole bag for a trip.
400 mg THC per pack, 50 mg per piece.